Fabricated Article

  【 Decorative Board/Backing Materials 】

We deliver decorative surface materias crafted by the most elite manufacturing companies which specialize in surface design and secondary production of the backing materials.


- Main Products -

Printed Plywood, Olefin Plywood, Melamine Plywood, Natural Wood Board


Non-combustible Decorative Board


Material: Steel Plate, Aluminum Plate,  Steel Plate with PVC surface


*We also carry the backing materials for the above decorative boards.

Decorative Board/Backing Materials

  【 Plastic Molding 】

Today's interior materials or furniture parts are created with a combination of resin and wood-pased material. We can propose plastic materials for items that can't be crafted in wood.


- Main Products -

Profile Extrusion, Injection Molding


*We carry various decorative patterns for the above products


Plastic Molding

  【 Building Material 】

We deliver housing materials crafted from manufacturers with technology and skills cultivated over many years. 

Through the collection of our materials, you can actualize a better living space.


- Main Products -

Joinery Materials, Manufactured Lumber,  Interior Doors,  Flooring, Stairs, Railing, Closet

Building Material

  【 Corporate Furniture 】

We sell the products we collect on customer demand in order to ensure the best value.


- Main Products -

Food Retailers, Clothing Retailers, Fixtures, Hospitals, Medical Facilities, Business Furniture, School Furniture

Corporate Furniture