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Greeting from the CEO

We are a company of creative projects and

unique developments that aims to pursue

an ideal of "An enjoyable life".

The enjoyment of life is embodied in a sense of fulfillment. Our goal is to create a space of such fulfullment that lasts today, tomorrow, and long into the future.         

We believe we are a mission to continue to propose new ideas in order to create such a future.         


As our hectic society grows, our living space also grows: No longer isolated to families, we are growing more mobile, and our living extends into the public space.         

The need for protecting the natural environment in such a society grows.          

Comfort, efficiency, an endless longing for something new, harmony with nature, there's no limit to the things we seek out in life.         


We provide answers that build upon our extensive experience and "know how" that respond to and fulfill the needs of the marketplace.         

For people, for society, and as a company trusted globally, we will continue to seek out the answers that result in the creation of customer satisfaction.


Corporate identity

Over the years, our management know-how has created a rich and cherished human network. We assemble business networks and connections to create building materials to usher in an era of symbolic living spaces. We envision to create a professional creative development company to fulfill our customer's demand for comfort, efficiency, interest, and the pursuit of an enjoyable life. Our goal is to be an unique and creative development type of trading company to fulfill our customers demand for comfort, efficiency, interest, and the pursuit of an enjoyable life.


Corporate identity

Human Networks

In order to meet the needs of our loyal customers, we have to pull information and knowledge together quickly. This generates trust, and faith in other people.


Market Development

We continue to make new proposals for how the best materials are assembled, and the methods of how raw materials, parts and product processing are used in the field, in order to create the best products to satisfy the world.


Pursuit of an Enjoyable Lifestyle

We are never satisfied with what is in front of us. In order to satisfy the sense of daily fulfilment, we will always carefully consider striving for improvement.

Corporate development




Founded as a self-started business focusing on the sales of heavy chemicals and medicine 


Corporation established under the name "KOIKE YAKUHIN CO, LTD"



Company restructure, "HANSHIN KOGYO CO" entity created for new projects


Sales of imported decorative paper begins




Tokyo branch office established.

Domestic decorative paper ("Dai-sheet") produced with Dai Nippon Printing Co, Ltd.


Nagoya branch office established


Kyuushuu branch office established


First US Subsidiary (AMBTRA INC, USA) established


Los Angeles branch established


Company name changed to "KOIKE IMATECS CORP"


Relocated to present address


Our head office & Tokyo branch got ISO9001 and  14001